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Said goodbye to LJ! Felt a little weird, remembering all that happened there. I'm terrible about most social media these days except Instagram. I still keep a voluminous private journal but I don't have the energy anymore to edit it for public consumption.

Yesterday I was at a weekend workshop hosted by a Tibetan lama. It was about Tibetan Dream Yoga, which is not what it sounds like. Some people showed up in their yoga outfits. Nope. Some people came expecting to hear about cool new lucid dreaming tricks they could try. Also nope.

It's the idea that everything is a dream, including this very instant right now that feels so real. And if everything is a dream, then (to quote the teacher), "Why you so serious, then? Ego. Ego make you serious. Oh, this is so important. Everything. So important. Instead, be like this." He took his iPhone, turned on the flashlight, and directed it into his glass of water. "Luminous. Awareness shine a light on the ego."

So then if you're so aware that you're even aware in your dreams, you'll also be aware when you die and will presumably avoid all sorts of unpleasant death-y things.

Dream, dream, dream.

Date: 2017-04-11 11:08 pm (UTC)
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welcome "back"! it's good to read your voice here. :) thank you for following me into the wilderness of this not-exactly-new social media site! it's like walden -- the wilderness is turning out to be somebody's backyard. it's pretty nice. :)


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